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Yet Another Sendmail Logfile Analyzer is a reporting tool for sendmail Logfiles.
It gives you a nice overview of your mail traffic with some statistics.

  • overview of messages transferred
  • some average values
  • Top lists of message numbers, sizes etc.
  • Top lists of supposed spammers, status messages, relay hosts and mailers

Yasma analyzes one or multiple sendmail logfiles from command line and writes a html report to a given file.
For security reason Yasma may hide the user-part of mail addresses listed in the report.
With an installed GeoIP-Database Yasma will show country informations of supposed spammer addresses.
Yasma is a Perl/CGI application running under Unix systems.




Installation Instrutions

Download the archive and unpack it to a directory of your choice with

- tar xvfz yasma-n.nn.tar.gz

this will create a new directory with all necessary files. You should rename this directory to "yasma".

Edit the 'yasma.conf' file suited to your environment and fancy.
The 'yasma.pl' programm have to run within this directory and must have read access to logfiles and write access to the folder where the html output file will reside.

To run the program, just type:
#> yasma.pl [-f output-file] /path_to_logfiles/logfile[*]

Yasma reads single or multiple logfiles who can be plain, gzipped (.gz), compressed (.Z) or mixed. !

Be sure the program cannot be started from an insecure place or unauthorized persons !
See also the README file included with the package.


# yasma.pl -f /opt/httpd/htdocs/report.html /var/log/mail*

this will read all logs (whether they are compressed, plain or mixed) beginning with mail* and writes the html report to the file specified by the -f option.

# yasma.pl /var/log/mail

this will read the logfile /var/log/mail and writes the html report to the file you have defined in 'yasma.conf'

# yasma.pl -u /var/log/mail

the same as above but does not show user part of addresses.

System Requirements

  • Linux/Unix System mit Perl >= 5.6
    Perlmodule CGI, IO::Handle, File::Basename, Parse::Syslog and POSIX from CPAN
    Optional Geo::IP::PurePerl and its GeoIP Database  


Copyright and License

This program is Copyright © 2006-2013 by Peter_Siegrist(SystemLoesungen) .

The program is free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Suggestions are welcome to PSS .




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