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mailit is a command line based frontend to any kind of unix mailers such as sendmail, ssmtp postfix etc.
The main benefit is to easaly attach text or binary files with properly set mime types. Easy to install easy to use.

Installation Instrutions

Download the program and install it to a folder of your choice with

- tar xvfz mailit.tar.gz

then read the instructions inside the program to configure it.

Install the MIME::Lite Package (ZeeGee Software Inc.) from CPAN.


For sending a mail to shorty@host.ch with "this my file" in body and 2 attachments use:

echo "this my files" | mailit -p -t shorty@host.ch -a /doc/file1.html,/doc/file2.tar.Z -s "Files for Shorty"
netstat -tulpn | mailit -t sysadmin@hostn.ch -s "netstat from host XY"

For help use mailit -h and mailit -H for the manual page respectively.

System Requirements

Unix/Linux Platform with Perl installed
a Unix mailer
MIME::Lite Package (get it from CPAN)

Copyright and License

This program is Copyright © 1998 by Peter_Siegrist(SystemLoesungen) .

The program is free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Suggestions are welcome to PSS .




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